TIPLynx LLC was founded in February, 2018 by Dave Franza who led technological advancements contributing to the explosive growth in size and production capability at NFL Films and across the NFL Network for over three decades. TIPLynx is a technology consulting company that values technologies, ideas, and people in media and business environments. As the company’s President and a well-known face in the Sports Technology industry, Mr. Franza lends his unique perspective and expertise in integrating those three components to help companies develop and implement systems and workflows in the areas of:


Need to move and share data and content easily, securely, and at reasonable cost?

I'm proud to announce the availability of "shayre" an application that TipLynx has been working with shayre, inc. to develop as a solution to your needs. "shayre" is a point-to-point or point-to- multi-point file sharing application that does not need to use cloud storage. It provides direct and automated connections between individuals and enterprises - for personal use, in production workflows, or in big-data environments. It utilizes the public internet in a secure way to protect your files at the same level of any mainstream banking or eCommerce site. Though "shayre" works in this direct, point-to-point way, it also works just as well with a connection in the cloud if you are looking to share files and data with a cloud solution.

A major broadcast network has been utilizing "shayre" for over a year, and after gaining HIPAA certification via a process managed by TipLynx, medical providers are beginning to use it as well. The "shayre" website, developed by TipLynx, fully describes the application and offers enrollment in a 30 Day free trial. It can be found at https://www.shayre.com.

Was grateful to be a presenter at this week's "Accessibility and Inclusion Strategies for Video Production" conference, as part of the Silicon Valley Video Producers Group, hosted by Brian Grady and Google at their Tech Corners TC1 facility in Sunnyvale, CA. I spoke on Web Content Accessibility - including current guidelines and the transfer and vast improvement of assistive technologies from broadcast television to all web platforms, on behalf of TipLynx and the Sports Video Group. The other speakers and presenters were amazing! We are all challenged by obstacles, whether others can readily see them or not, and working to overcome them. I'm especially inspired by those who are proving that they can not only overcome what they rightly see as an "obstacle" rather than a "disability", but generate ideas and build technologies to assist everyone in all aspects of life, including content accessibility. #disability #inclusion #grateful #amazing #life

It was with extreme pleasure that TipLynx recently managed the Internal and External Security Risk and GAP Assessment process for MPMI Solutions and their "shayre" file synchronization platform - leading to their attaining the Compliancy Group's "HIPAA Seal of Compliance". More Medical and M&E industry security certifications to come! #hipaacompliant #synchronization

HIPAA Seal of Compliance Verification compliancy-group.com

I'm enjoying a productive and fun week at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Vegas. Really making some headway in the 4k upgrade and file synchronization arenas with my good friends at MPMI Solutions, as well as spreading the TipLynx mission of integrating Technology, Ideas, and People. Success in the business of production technology starts here!

Brian Baldinger and Robert Judkins stopped by our suite to see DASHxS and Shayre, and meet CEO Chris Monte and the rest of the MPMI crew. Great to see them both and show them some great apps!

It was an honor and pure enjoyment to lead a distinguished panel of colleagues in a discussion entitled "Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning: What is the Difference and Why it Matters" to kickoff the Sports Content Management Workshop at the 2018 SVG Summit on Monday, in NYC. The Panelists were:

Chris Witmayer, NASCAR Productions
Director of Broadcast, Production & New Media Technology
Tom Ash, Speechmatics
Speech Recognition Director
Greg Loose, Veritone SVP
Xena Ugrinsky, Genre-X Consulting
Partner, Applied Data Science

We took a deep dive into marrying deep data, advanced algorithms, and automation, using common-sense approaches, to analyze data and help streamline operations. Speech-to-text translation, object and facial recognition, predictive data analytics, and content discovery - major Sports and M&E organizations are leveraging AI and Machine Learning in these areas, and many more. Thanks to everyone on the panel and in the audience for sharing your insights!

I thoroughly enjoyed moderating our panel on "Storage Tiering and DR Strategy: Smartly Preparing Your Content for the Future" at the SVG Sports Content Management and Storage Forum in NYC on July 25th.

Our tremendous panel included: Stephanie Ellis-Meehan, Vox Media, Media Operations Manager; Bryan Staffaroni, WWE, VP, Media Asset Management; Tab Butler, MLB Network, Senior Director, Media Management and Post Production; Peter Guglielmino, IBM, CTO, Global Media and Entertainment Industry; and Molly Presley, Quantum, VP, Product Management and Global Marketing.

Storage tiering has evolved far beyond the initial 3-tiered approach, particularly where Media and Entertainment, and Sports Production are concerned. Our discussion with these industry greats was very well received, and I trust helpful for many in the audience. Thanks to all of the panelists and the SVG for having me as your moderator!

https://www.sportsvideo.org /event/2018-sports-content-management-storage-forum/

Attended the International Sportel Decision Makers Summit at South Beach in Miami this week.  Joined Nick Ashwin of Imagen and attended some very interesting discussions with folks who impact sports and sports production on a global scale.   Met Oscar De La Hoya, CEO of Golden Boy Media & Entertainment. Very cool, smart, and extremely humble guy. Who knows - TipLynx may do some work with his company…

First NAB Convention as President of my company - TIPLynx LLC. It was a blast working with a client, Imagen, in their booth. Great product and great group of folks from the UK.

Sunday, April 8:

Breakout One: Sports Content Management and Storage (SCMS) sponsored by Imagen
(LOCATION: Veranda AB, 5th Floor)

Welcoming Remarks: Dave Franza, SVG SCMS Advisory Committee Member

8:45 – 11:00 a.m.: This is designed as an open forum for individuals responsible for managing, archiving, and
protecting sports content. Led by SVG’s SCMS Advisory Committee, this two-hour roundtable discussion will
provide media-management leaders from broadcasters, leagues, teams, digital outlets, and vendors with an
opportunity to address a variety of hot-button issues currently facing the industry, including cloud and virtualization,
logging and metadata challenges, the promise of AI for MAM, the impact of 4K and HDR, security and content
protection, and more.



Imagen appoints Dave Franza as consultant in US Sports Market - Imagen

London, UK – 20 March 2018 – Imagen, the leading Software-as-a-Service video management company, announced today that it has engaged Dave Franza as consultant, a move that highlights its expansion in the US sports market. Franza will bring his unique customer perspective and expertise on the implementation of Media Asset Management systems in the American Sports market to the Imagen US team.

With a career that includes application development and information processing technologies in the Broadcast and Engineering areas of NFL Films, Dave Franza was responsible for driving technological advancements contributing to the explosive growth in size and production capability across the NFL Network for over three decades.

As a well-known face in the Sports Technology industry and with over 30 years’ experience developing digital content strategies, Franza will provide Imagen with consultancy services via his company TipLynx which he set up after retiring from NFL Films in December 2017.


Dave Franza said, “Imagen already enjoys an excellent reputation across sports organizations in Europe and I’m now looking forward to helping the company grow their footprint in the US.  Imagen can help any size sports organization make the most of their video library – whether that’s providing more choice and a better service for broadcast partners, or simply keeping the fans up to date on social media. “

Nick Ashwin, Director of Business Development – North America, Imagen, said, “Engaging with Dave Franza will offer unique insight into the way US sports organizations plan their digital strategies and manage their video libraries. We are confident that Dave will make a major contribution to our business as we continue to win new clients in sports around the world.”


About Imagen

Imagen helps sports organizations and media companies to manage and distribute their ever growing media libraries – enabling fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly customisable content portal.

Speed to market, greater choice and ease of access are critical to maximising the value of sports content. Imagen allows rights holders to monetise near-live video assets more effectively via a premium content distribution portal. Offering pin-point time-based video searching, instant playback, online editing and high-speed file transfers Imagen also unlocks the full commercial potential in your archive.

With customers including Premier League, IMG, ATP Media, Champions Hockey League, WTA and many more, Imagen implements a unique set of processes and technical expertise to ensure that video is managed in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. As the sheer amount of video data grows throughout the world, Imagen strives to create a platform that can generate more revenue from legacy and near-live video – as well as preserving priceless sporting archives for the next generation of fans.

Dave Franza
Founder & President, TIPLynx LLC
"Integrating Technology, Ideas, & People"