Principles to follow for successfully "Integrating Technology, Ideas, and People."

Principle #3 – Show up, then follow up.

Woody Allen said “80 percent of success is showing up.”  Of course he also tried to justify dating his adopted daughter by saying “The heart wants what it wants”.  Not exactly King Solomon...  Still, it has long been evident to me that “showing up” is a key to success in doing your job, managing people, and satisfying customers.  And by showing up, I mean intellectually, emotionally, and supportively as well as physically.  How intently do we listen to co-workers and clients?  Do we understand their needs, feel their pain, invest our intelligence in determining how we can help them?  It’s critical to managing people, and building relationships and business.

So, what is the other 20 percent?  After we “show up”, we must follow up.  How many times have we been impressed, even blown away, by someone during a first conversation, call, or meeting only to have them drop the ball by not following up, intellectually or emotionally?  While 80 percent of success may be showing up, and good enough for some, truly successful people strive for 100 percent.  Following up is the key to getting as close to that goal as possible.

Dave Franza
Founder & President, TIPLynx LLC
"Integrating Technology, Ideas, & People"